Significance of Chaturmas

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

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Significance of Chaturmas

It is believed that Chaturmas (period of four months from July to October) commences from Devshayani Ekadashi and lasts till Prabodhini Ekadashi i.e. Devuthi Ekadashi.

During the period of Chaturmas, good deeds like AgnistomaYajna, auspicious deeds, travel of the king, etc. should not be performed.

Our culture originated from austerity.Observing fast is a part of this austerity.Lord Narayana performed austerity for thousands of years and after that created Brahmaji from his lotus navel.When Brahmaji awakened after performing austerity for thousands of years, Lord Narayana ordered him to create the world.So, austerity lies in the roots of our world.

In simple terms, the more gold burns, the more it becomes finer.If milk is not boiled properly, then milk curdles. But if boiled properly, then it lasts longer.

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